sunday morning amusement.


Sundays are rarely the relaxing, care-free days I hope they’ll be, but I do have one ritual that I regard with some degree of sanctity… Reading fashion, celebrity, and food blogs for one hour as I drink coffee and postpone exercising. Today I thought I’d share some of my finds with you… lv, molly

1. Beyonce is releasing a line of temporary tattoos. I’m of two minds about this situation: I love temporary tattoos and currently have lightening bolt ones in my closet / I never thought I’d be able to associate Beyonce’s business model with a vending machine in a pool hall.

2. Because I spend an insane amount of time at work, I often feel cut-off from the day’s news. I didn’t know who buzz-kill Christine O’Donnell was until a week ago, and subsequently I’ve been shocked and amused by her assertions. One of the latest? That she can stop the entire country from having sex.

3. Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project through which he reaches out to LGBTQ youth to reassure them that the future has wonderful things in store for them. A much-needed message, and I hope there won’t be a need for it much longer.

4. These pictures of Marilyn Monroe.

5. Lauren’s recipe for biscuits. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, biscuits were never a staple in my diet like some of my Southern friends. But then I tried them one fine day, and I fell hard. I want to make these ASAP.

6. Fabulous fall dresses for less than $100. I’m delighted to see that my favorite fall dress, the striped sweater dress, was featured. Perfect with my cowboy boots. (And I’m jonesing for the polka dot and fair isle sweater dress…)

7. This simple stir-fry recipe from the NYT’s Well blog.

8. A mushroom crop top. Amazing… or… just me?

Fungi Crop Top

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