happy fall [cooking]!

I’ve been under the weather the past few days, which means I haven’t cooked much. Boo. I’ve been subsisting on the contents of my pantry: tea, triscuits, and tangerines.

And not just for the purpose of alliteration, though I do very much like that the list of edibles forms an alliteration.

How are you? Enjoying the fall weather? Yesterday I made myself go on a brisk walk to get some fresh air, and I delighted in the sound of the crunching leaves under my cowboy boots. I even stopped to kick a few in the air. This weekend I’d like to borrow a rake from my neighbor, create a big pile of leaves, and jump in it. I think this would be as satisfying as popping bubble wrap. Probably more so because leaves are pretty and bubble wrap is wasteful.

So… the point of this post isn’t to ramble, however much I love rambling when I’m tired. It’s to show you all the things I’m excited about making later in the week when I’m feeling a little better. And all of the recipes highlight seasonal ingredients (I’m trying to get better at this).

Kale chips. My favorite snack du jour. I feel like I should mock these chips because they sound like they should be gross… too bad they’re really delicious. Insert *oh snap!* that doesn’t quite work, and then we all feel a little awkward.

Pumpkin sage pasta sauce. I have sooo much pureed pumpkin left, even after baking 3 loaves of pumpkin bread. It’s time to use it up, and I suspect this recipe will be a welcome change to my usual marinara sauce. (This recipe isn’t 100% vegetarian but can easily be adapted.)

Apple cake. You know how I feel about apple cake. It’s fall incarnate. It will make your home feel cozy + smell lovely.

Pan-roasted cauliflower. Mistakenly, I used to think cauliflower was broccoli’s boring, sun-deprived cousin. Then I tried it with lemon, olive oil, + capers, and it was delicious; cauliflower + lemon are good bedfellows. This recipe features lemon and chives. Yum!

Spanish tortilla with kale. If you’ve been to Spain, you’ll know that Spanish tortillas are essentially delicious frittatas with potatoes and onions. This is no exception.

Plum and apple pie. Never one to disappoint, Deb made another gorgeous pie. It looks like October in a pie dish.

Brown butter tortellini. I mentioned this last week, and then I forgot to make it. Oops.

lv, molly

P.S. I’m jonesing for these mittens. Mock as you see fit.

Photo via here.


5 thoughts on “happy fall [cooking]!

  1. Yum, these recipes sound delicious!
    I almost never cook with sage, but dinner at a friend’s place last week totally converted me. We made gnocchi (from scratch) with hubbard squash mixed in, and ate it with butter and sage on top. It was a revelation! I recommend trying it out if you’re a fan of the pumpkin + sage combination.

  2. hi! thanks for reposting our photo from last week! could you please download the image and link it from your own blog or image hosting service? we do not allow “hot linking” which is what you’ve done here.

    thanks so much!!

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