the monarch’s new clothes.

I’m starting to dress like an old British Tory.

The following pieces are ideal for stalking an elk in the woods with myriad little hunting dogs, whilst (!) carrying a walking stick and bearing a sour expression.

I own some of the following clothing items, you see.

While The Queen was intended to be a portrait of a misunderstood woman during a tumultuous time for her and her country, it also showcased some fabulous old lady conservative fashions. I’ve derived too much inspiration from this film, and I suspect it will have negative implications for my love life and my sense of fashion.

lv, molly

Shadowbox Mohair Sweater

Check wool Minnie pant

Penfield Kasson Parka

Printed Plaid Tight


Top to bottom: Anthropologie, Madewell, J. Crew, Madewell, Need Supply, Steve Madden, Avoca.


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