cozy snow day.

I’m happy I live in a city that doesn’t know how to handle snow. This snow-situation lends itself to school and work cancellations and, consequently, the happiness of thousands [and economic woes and traffic congestion… I’ll touch on that later].


Having the afternoon off gave me an opportunity to catch up on a little work, watch “The Tudors” (is this the trashiest show on t.v.?), and vegetables are roasting in the oven right now! (Also, I’m wearing a lot of flannel. Arguably, it’s too much.)

Here are some links for you to enjoy if you’re currently snow-day-ing or you’re banking on it tomorrow… lv, molly

P.S. At school this morning, it was so cute to see kids press their faces up against the window to watch the snow. I could hardly be bothered to get them back to work; I feel a similar joy when I see snow falling.

This song by The XX. I may qualify as obsessed.

I’m into these lockets by Austin designer Alyson Fox. My favorite is the “color study” locket.

These roasted pecans look so good. (I’ve never made something like this before, but I’m up for trying this Thanksgiving break.)

Holiday cocktail ideas.

This Madewell gift guide. The Chic Tomboy comes in 2nd.

Photo via Cup of Jo.


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