hats + a pretty winter song.

One of my favorite things about winter is that we can wear the silliest hats in the name of warmth.

I’ve been wearing my favorite Madewell hat non-stop, and it’s earned me the nickname “Strawberry Shortcake.” I walked into class one cold morning, and one of my sweetest students remarked that it looked like I was “wearing a strawberry.” Another shouted, “Let’s call Miss Molly ‘Strawberry Shortcake!’ She’s short, and she has a red berry on her head!”

Alas, it’s stuck. I am now known to some students as Strawberry Shortcake or Shortcake for short. (And though I secretly find it endearing, I pretend to hate it because it makes them laugh.)

This morning I did my usual Saturday morning ritual: ate yogurt with fruit, drank coffee, and browsed fashion and food blogs. I derive much joy from this little routine and was particularly excited to stumble upon these colorful images of ladies wearing hats with confetti falling all around them. Confetti and hats? I’m sold. I hope this happens when I adorn my strawberry hat later today. lv, molly

Images via Hip Hip Gin Gin. Hats by Kate Spade.

P.S. Most holiday songs are enjoyably and/or annoyingly kitchsy, but this one is genuinely beautiful. Not surprising considering it’s by the incredibly talented Sufjan Stevens. I love that it progresses from dark and haunting to celebratory.


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