survival guide.

Suffice it to say, this week was a rough week for me, and I feel emotionally and physically exhausted.

The holidays are a busy time, and because there’s such an emphasis on joy, sometimes the holidays highlight what we perceive we lack in our lives. As someone who generally feels incredibly joyful (possibly annoyingly so) this time of year, I’m a little sad that this holiday season I don’t have a spring in my step. But I’m trying to hold my head above water and genuinely appreciate what this season should be about: joy, community, laughter, friends. And sugar cookies.

One more week ’til we can put our feet up for a day or two.

Until then… Let’s try to make the best of the inevitable craziness of the next week. lv, molly

Here’s my plan. What are some of your holiday survival strategies?

1. Listen to the song embedded below. I should be embarrassed that I’m posting a Coldplay song. But I’m not; I’m a sucker for songs with pianos and sweeping synthesized strings, whose videos feature confetti and fireworks. I also love holiday songs that are a little bit sad.

2. Make a gingerbread house this afternoon as a break from work.

3. Do something nice for someone each day. There’s no better way to feel the spirit of the holidays than by being a do-gooder. Think of Amelie.

4. Continue to run, even in the rain.

5. Bake gingerbread ninjas. Look here. These are amazing.

6. Wear heels at impractical times. I think heels can raise a mood just like they raise your tush. (Yep, I wrote “tush.” Sometimes I think I’m an old lady in disguise.)

7. Make small presents for everyone. Like a homemade tea blend or toffee. Less stressful, just as meaningful.

8. Ear-muffs. How can you not feel happy in ear-muffs?

9. Donate children’s books to a book drive. You’ll often see bins at book stores, grocery stores, and museums.

10. Watch The Muppet’s Christmas Carol.


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