happy n.y.e… tomorrow.


Hello, readers! I hope you have the loveliest New Year’s Eve. Whether you’re seeking a wild night out or a tame night in, I hope your evening is as delightful as you are.

Have a fabulous time ringing in the new year! :)

And au revoir, 2010; you’ve been a good one.

lv, molly

P.S. Here’s some sage advice for the new year. Granted, it’s given by a character whose head is mangled from an intentional motorcycle accident and whose newly discovered spirituality verges on the absurd… And you probably shouldn’t trust him. Still, I like it.

Let’s make an agreement. A. I want us to become brothers again like we used to be and for us to find ourselves and bond with each other. Can we agree to that? B. I want us to make this trip a spiritual journey, where each of us seeks the unknown and learns about it. Can we agree to that? C. Say yes to everything, even if it’s shocking and painful.

Frances to his brothers, The Darjeeling Limited


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