running gear.

I got me some new running gear! Do you care? Doubtful. Unless you’re a runner, and then you’ll understand my excitement. Or you’re riding the New Year’s Resolution train, and you’re interested in running. I can’t recommend running highly enough. It’s helped me stay healthy, energetic, and happy. On the days that I take off, I kind of… miss it. And believe me; I never thought I’d say that.

1. New shoes! Mizuno Wave Riders. I love the name because it conjures images of Jesus jogging, and that makes me laugh. I’ve wanted a pair for a while but couldn’t justify buying them until my Brookes were officially dead. RIP, Brookes; you carried me 100s of miles. Anyway, this pair is neutral, meaning no cushy support, so it’s forcing me to be cognizant of my mild tendency to pronate. They’re incredibly comfortable and light: highly recommended.

2. This top. I bought it for skiing, but it doubles up as great cold-weather running gear.

Women's Sweaters : The North Face TKA 100 Microvelour Quarter-Zip Top - Women's

Happy cold-weather running! lv, molly


One thought on “running gear.

  1. I have been wearing the Wave Riders since last February and am never looking back! I’ve beaten down three pairs now, and I am sold on these shoes. Fantastic.

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