kitchen inspiration.

I love food prints. They’re perfect to hang in kitchens, and many feature recipes to boot. Pretty and practical, these prints are available here.

HAPPY WEEKEND! I’ve got a half smile, which is more indicative of exhaustion than a lack of joy at the arrival of the weekend. I’m about to start rambling. I just ate 2 brownies. Now trying to motivate myself to go on the run I’d planned… lv, molly

LA SOUPE AU PISTOU - 8 X 10 Limited edition print

A french cake recipe No 2 - LES CHOUQUETTES - 8 X 10 Limited edition print

Wok recipe - Print 11,5 x 16,5


3 thoughts on “kitchen inspiration.

  1. Those are beautiful! I’ve always liked more catalogue-y posters like one my parents had with all different hot peppers and their heat ratings.
    I recently bought this poster by Lucy Knisley at a comics festival. As soon as I get it framed, it will have a home in my kitchen.. or maybe my bedroom!

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