happy friday.

This weekend I’m dogsitting the above dog (could he be cuter?) and utilizing the house’s fabulous kitchen to make granola, muffins, and this tofu dish that looks divine. (And if the homeowners, also known as my mom and dad, are reading this, I’ll totally clean up after myself!)

What are your plans for the long weekend? In addition to all the cooking I’d like to do, I really want to see The King’s Speech or Blue Valentine, both of which will probably make me cry because I’m a sap like that.

Also, I regret to inform you that the recent astrological signs changes have resulted in me now being an Aquarius rather than a Pisces. Has your sign changed? Does it matter? Is it fun to know? Yes to the third.

I heard this song on KEXP recently and loved it. [Scroll down and click on “Raising Caine” on the left scroll-bar.] It’s so beautiful. “That Moon Song” and “The Stable Song” are also amazing. Recently I’ve been really into folksy music, and I wish I could play the guitar and create something so poignant.

And now for my weekend culinary adventures… Have a wonderful one, ladies + gentleman. I hope you relax or have fun or do whatever it is you need. lv, molly

This recipe for Black Pepper Tofu calls for 1 stick of butter, and I don’t think I can justify that. I’ll probably quarter it and add 1 to Tbl. olive oil. Fingers crossed it’ll still taste as delicious; I’ll post the adaptations sometime this weekend. But if you use the original recipe, let me know what you think; we can compare notes, and if yours wins out, we can agree on the importance of throwing health to the wind once in a while and indulging in a rich dish that’s totally worth it.

Stir-Fried Baby Bok Choy with Garlic. I love me some baby bok choy. It’s pretty and delicate.

Whole Grain Cranberry Muffins. Perfect for Sunday morning.

2 thoughts on “happy friday.

  1. Hi Molly! I think you should compromise and use half of a stick of butter if you make the black pepper tofu. The butter creates this wonderful rich glaze that really tempers all of the heat from the black pepper. Oil won’t work as well. Also, this makes a generous 4 servings–so that would only be 1 tablespoon of butter per serving. Happy weekend!

    • Thanks, Tim! I hadn’t considered that it wouldn’t be that much butter per person. I’m going to go with half a stick; it sounds so delicious!

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