kids say the darndest things.


One of the joys of working with middle schoolers is that they’re pretty much constantly hilarious, whether they know it or not.

Here are a few favorite quotes. There are so many more that I’ve forgotten… Perhaps a journal is in order.

I feel like I’m the host of this show daily. lv, molly

“Miss Molly, I’m taller than Snooki. She’s only 4’9″, and I’m 4’10”. That means I’m taller than a grown-up. Not that I’m bragging or whatever.”

“Didn’t O.J. Simpson kill Marilyn Monroe?”

One boy to another: “Are you going to ask Nicole out again? You should ask her out in Spanish. There’s no way she can say no.”

“No shit.” (A student blurted this out, after my co-teacher explained infinitives.)


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