bundt fail.

me growing frustrated with said bundt

The chocolate stout cake is delicious. The problem was I neglected my own recipe slightly and failed to ensure that every nook and cranny of the bundt pan was well-buttered.

Here were some friends’ suggestions about how to cajole a stubborn bundt cake out of a pan.

“Harsh language?”

“Ice the bottom of the pan, while it is upside down with a plate to catch it.”

“If it’s half as stubborn as anyone in my family, you’re going to have to let it decide to come out on its own…”

“Put more cake into the bundt pan, then get the fresh cake out.”

“Matt’s trick is an old safeway membership card or other plastic card (cut one corner to get a nice rounded edge) – works like a charm to scrape stuff off pots and pans.”

What ultimately worked for me was using a flexible spatula to loosen the cake from the pan, then putting the pan on top of a dish towel soaked in hot water.

Aside from the fact that it bore a scar from my fail to butter the pan well, this cake (see “chocolate stout cake” below) was delicious as always. lv, molly


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