happy (almost) weekend.


How are you handling the snow, Northeasterners? I got an email from NYU announcing its closures today, despite the fact that I graduated 4 years ago. In all my years there, I think there might have been ONE snow closure, so things must be pretty bad. I hope you’re keeping toasty, New Yorkers.

Tomorrow there’s no school for the kids but not because of snow. We teachers are expected to grade, plan, and tie up end-of-the-semester loose ends. It’s almost like a 3 day weekend… but with work.

Or something. My brain is running on reserves and cake today.

Any exciting plans for you this weekend? I’m going to a dinner party, on a long run, and to see Blue Valentine (crying at movies can be cathartic, so I’m looking forward to seeing it).

Here are a few links to keep you entertained on your Saturday or Sunday morning(s). Hope this finds you well, happy, and warm. lv, molly

1. I love this Tea & Cookies post about beauty. She elicited readers’ responses about what makes them beautiful, and they’re simply wonderful. Here are a few favorites, but check out the link; it’ll make you smile.

I think my beauty lies in a pretty open and curious mind. The most amazing and wonderful thing for me is…seeing all the different people—every color, every ethnicity, every sexual orientation. Openness is a kind of beauty.

I am beautiful in my refusal to fail my children.

I’m beautiful because I can allow myself and others to have imperfect feelings.

I am beautiful because I have my grandmother’s eyes. I remember her every time I see myself.

2. Souffled Mac & Cheese. Doesn’t that sound… amazing?

3. I want this dog. Just look at that face.

4. Vladimir Nabokov’s butterfly theory vindicated. Fascinating article.

5. This apartment with lots of cool prints.

6. A pretty song.


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