julianna sweeney.

I love these drawings, particularly the one of the old man and the fox. By Portland artist Julianna Sweeney. My posts have been Portland/ scone-obsessed lately; this too shall pass. lv, molly

Image of Russian House print

Image of Stars Falling print

Image of Foundling print

Image of Collection print

Image of Beehive Bears


2 thoughts on “julianna sweeney.

  1. Hi Molly,

    I found your blog because I was looking for an image of Julia Child with her husband Paul, and you had posted my favorite of them having tea and reading. It is what my ideal marriage looks like in the morning. I’ve been reading your posts every few days the past month and really enjoy your thoughts and recipes. I’m working on my own blog and/or website idea but am still tweaking the theme of it. (I’m a writer living in New Orleans, I was thinking of calling it Gusto after a column I wrote several months ago but it’s not specifically food oriented either.)

    My best friend is an art teacher in NYC so I appreciate hearing about your tribulations and successes. It’s just great to know about another woman making her way: cooking, running, working, and all the while enjoying the beauty of each day.

    I saw Julianna Swaney’s art on the cover of Tin House magazine, the one with the man and the fox you’ve posted here, and I loved it so much I bought a print of it and an original painting of hers, despite that I am completely broke. Long story short, I very much enjoy your aesthetic and sensibilities and wanted to let you know.

    Take care,

    • Wow, thanks, Katie! It’s lovely to hear from you.

      Let me know when you start your blog; I’d love to have a look. :)


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