pistachio pesto.


Elana’s friend Kendra tossed thinly sliced zucchini with pistachio pesto last night, and it was ridiculous. And by that I mean delicious and unexpected.

The idea of raw food normally sounds boring to me. As boring as the superbowl (topical alert!). But as it turns out, replacing pasta with zucchini ribbons (reason #10 I want a mandolin) and tossing it with pistachio pesto is actually delicious.

Here’s what I’m making tomorrow. Note: this hasn’t been vetted. But I’m confident it’ll be delicious. Sometimes I’m overconfident. lv, molly

P.S. The birthday party last night was a success. Delicious food, good wine, an odd pink cake, and a very happy birthday lady.

Pistachio Pesto

2 C packed basil leaves
1/2 C raw pistachios
6 Tbl extra-virgin olive oil
1 tsp sea salt
Pinch freshly ground black pepper



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