cue birthday weekend!


{Let’s hope for the elephants’ sake that that’s not really cake…}

I am unabashedly referring to this weekend as, you guessed it, “birthday weekend.” I love birthdays– others’, my own, whoever’s. The smell of candles blowing out. The cocktails. Friends. Sigh.

This weekend I’m celebrating by going out to dinner with friends and self-described “arm candy” (he is adorable), followed by adventures to surrounding dive bars. Elana and I are going to a women’s spa in the afternoon. I have a mysterious package from amazon. And Dan and Janna have apparently made me something hilarious. (Remember the Elliot Stabler apron from last year?)

I feel like a lucky lady.

… Also unashamedly, I tend to get nostalgic around my birthday and others’. Just ask Elana. On her birthday we had a wonderful heart-to-heart that still makes me smile to think about it; we mused about the struggles of the past year and expressed joy that she is in such a good place now. I feel similarly about my current situation. I’m happier in my new teaching placement; I have good friends; and I’m doing what I love.

I welcome my 26th year with gratitude and anticipation. lv, molly

Here are a couple of links for the weekend & a song I heard on my drive to work this morning and loved.

* These earrings

* Photos of Picasso light “painting”

* Gail Collins’ piece on Planned Parenthood (WORTH READING!!)

* These jeans with those shoes

* Roasted edamame (posting this makes me feel like a hipster)

* 8 great pilsners



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