the oscars: self-congratulatory but fashionable.

The Oscars are usually a snoozefest complete with cheesy duets and self-aggrenizement, and it’s confusing to me that accolades are given to people for doing their job: acting.

Still, the fashion is a spectacle, and there’s a part of me that revels in the glamor of the evening. I usually watch them with my mom, and it’s become a tradition of sorts that I really enjoy. It doesn’t hurt that my mom adds hilarious commentary.

So back to the fashion…

Michelle Williams looked gorgeous in Chanel; I loved Cate Blanchett’s elegant number; and Natalie Portman looked radiant. But nothing beats the Vera Wang that Michelle Williams wore years ago. I am in love with this look, and no dress since has held a candle (in my eyes anyway).

What was your favorite look? / How many times did you question James Franco’s sobriety? lv, molly


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