ewok scarves + other man repellants.

I’ve been feeling a little blue the past couple days because I’m at home sick, and despite my occasional longing for a sick day, in actuality I find sick days, well, boring. Not to complain, mind you; things are on the up and up.

To get out of the house for a bit, I went for a hot chocolate with Janna and got a hooded scarf thing that makes me look like an ewok. (That or it makes me look like an unimposing potential robber from Home Alone.) It is without a doubt the most man repellant thing I own, and I find it hilarious and great.

Speaking of man repellants, if you haven’t seen the blog The Man Repeller, it’s hilarious, and you should do so now. It will come as no surprise to friends that I own some of the things featured on the blog. lv, molly

P.S. I almost tagged this post “fashion” but quickly realized that would be misleading.

P.P.S. In a move of boredom, I finally updated the Books section with literature-related musings.


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