guinness cupcakes.

I can’t eat these because I gave up sugar, but you probably should. Why? Because they’re cupcakes. With guinness. And caramel buttercream.


Please run to the store and bake these, so I can live vicariously through you. Recipe available here. lv, molly


6 thoughts on “guinness cupcakes.

  1. these cupcakes do look fabulous. what a tease!!

    happy st. paddy’s day!

  2. Molly, that is really commendable that you no longer eat sugar! There are so many benefits (I’ve looked into many eating styles including raw food, which rocks!). Do you use replacement sweeteners such as honey or agave (both of them have pros and cons as well) or just go cold Turkey?

  3. Hi, Hazel! I gave up dessert for lent (not for religious reasons– just because I like a challenge!), and I’m feeling so much better by lessening my sugar intake.
    I have allowed honey and agave in small doses, but cutting out dessert and almost all baked goods has significantly limited my sugar intake.
    After lent, I think I’ll get back to baking, but I’m going to work on developing some low sugar recipes because I feel so much better without it!

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