happy weekend! (almost)


I hope it’s a happy one! I can’t wait to wear jeans! And sleep past 5 a.m. for more than 2 consecutive days! (It’s spring break next week) And eat fancy Italian food!


I’m feeling slightly discombobulated due to lack of sleep, hence the uncharacteristic number of consecutive fragments. (I am such an English teacher)

Things I’m going to do aside from all of that:

* Make this kale salad with pecorino and bread crumbs. It looks soooo good.

* Watch this movie.

* Wear jeans and moccasins every single day, no exceptions. {Image}

* Sigh in relief that I finished taping my lessons for my teaching certificate, and they’re not entirely as awkward as I anticipated.

* Try Kelsey’s overnight oats. I’m inspired by the yummy photos, and breakfast is the best.

* Eat cheese, preferably every day.

* Run!

* Read The Savage Detectives.

* Contemplate dying my hair with henna again, try to devise a plan to avoid dying my nose red this time around.

* Did I mention sleep? A lot?

Speaking of which, I’m off.


+ a song for the weekend that’s quite pretty…

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