jiffy pop– the most fun popcorn.

I know this is a food blog. Well, it used to be before I started graduate school, and then the recipes slowly started to be replaced by lust-worthy fashions because I had less time to cook.

Back to that first statement– this is a food blog (or something like it), and a post about jiffy pop hardly seems necessary because it’s, well, jiffy pop.

Problem is, I kind of love jiffy pop so much that I want to write about it. A novelty in the ’90s, jiffy pop occasionally made its way into my childhood home, but low-fat, low-sodium popcorn was the staple. Jiffy pop was the indulgent popcorn– and the kind that was mildly dangerous and fun to make.

My boyfriend recently bought jiffy pop after joking about it, and we’ve made it twice now. I’ve claimed to be a master of the popping, but really I just shake it awkwardly, not quite sure when to remove it, fearing the potential of burnt popcorn. It’s sort of magical to watch the aluminum expand with each pop, and I’m tempted to squeal as it pops. Is that embarrassing?

Point is, it’s fun to revisit childhood, kitschy foods as adults. What are your favorites? Go get some jiffy pop; shake it on the stove; and watch the aluminum dome expand to look like a big planet of popcorn. It’s awesome.

lv, molly

PS- This is my favorite scene EVER that has to do with popcorn (actually, it’s the only one; who am I kidding). A house filled with popcorn because a laser popped it!


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