opening ceremony’s ‘resort collection.’

(I’ve never understood why this is a common collection title name; I suppose people who can afford the clothes regularly go to resorts.) This collection features an actual dead animal wrapped around a sweater. It’s hideous, morally-questionable, and frankly, pretty disgusting.

The rest of the collection, however, is really fun. (Can I move on to fun after discussing a whole dead rabbit attached to a sweater? I’m going to try to suspend my disbelief.) Lucky for us, we will never confront the morality of purchasing anything from this collection because its price tags are far too high for almost all 20/30-somethings. I suppose that’s, once again, the benefit of second hand shops– one can usually find some unique, pretty pieces for less $$$$ and less guilt. Plus, I think I’m inspired to make a red head band. And it may very well turn out to be extremely man-repellant. lv, molly

Pictures via Refinery 29


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