this album makes me so happy.

Admittedly, I’m a little behind the Florence + The Machine bandwagon, but the album Lungs is incredible, so I’m going to tell you about it even though you probably already know. Her voice! Those beats! That harp! The lyrics! (And side note: I feel super nerdy writing “those beats!”)

Whenever I’ve cooked the past week, I’ve blasted this album on repeat. And when I’ve been working hard at the gym as of late, this has kept me motivated  on the elliptical, which takes a lot because I always think people look silly on elliptical machines.

An album that fuels my workouts and my cooking? A rare gem.

(Plus, there are lot of beautiful moments on the record. It’s hard not to feel moved listening to this record. The song I’ve posted below is the most celebratory.)

What’s your favorite album as of late?

lv, molly

P.S. I’m taking a lot of classes this week for an additional teaching endorsement, so posting will be light. Recipe to come this week: marinara sauce with sriracha sauce. Not traditional but totally yummy. I recommend having a look at The Oatmeal’s “Dear Sriracha” comic.

P.P.S. Exhibit A. Tonight’s baking fail, which was so, so tasty. Vegan chocolate chip cookies.


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