pie dough and a prize!


I have a favor to ask, which sure takes a lot of gaul, seeing as I haven’t posted for quite a while… But I like you, and I trust that maybe you’re back to look for a new vegetarian recipe. But not today, friends. Today I’m asking YOU for a recipe.

Like any ridiculous baker worth her salt, I have decided to enter the state fair pie-baking contest.

[I think this deserves its own line. Paragraphs be damned.]

I’m going with a blackberry pie because I have a fail-safe recipe for the filling that always turns out well, and people love it (or so they tell me). However, I need a good recipe for dough that doesn’t require a fancy mixer like a Kitchenaid (that’s where you come in) because I don’t have one. Most of the pie dough recipes I’ve used never achieve the perfect balance of flaky and buttery, and I sure need a good recipe. I’m hoping to walk away with a prize and the pride one derives from baking a delicious pie and beating the older bakers who think I’m a prideful no-talent newcomer in a silly apron. (Can you tell I’ve already created a narrative in my head for how the fair and contest will go? And it sounds like the basis for a movie starring Keri Russell?)

Please provide a link to the recipe or the recipe itself in the comment section. I will try out the recipes, and the person who contributes the winning recipe will receive a prize, which I can send to you! Maybe a cookbook. Maybe a book about pies. Maybe a gift certificate to a cooking store. But the prize will be lovely, befitting of a pie-dough czar with a spirit generous enough to share his or her wisdom.

I will try the recipes out this week, documenting the results and giving you full credit for the recipe.

Thank you for your generosity and help, fellow bakers! lv, molly


8 thoughts on “pie dough and a prize!

  1. Molly, I have what you need.

    Here’s the recipe…


    …but ignore the technique, since you don’t have a mixer. Here’s what you do.

    Freeze the butter, in advance. Mix the dry ingredients in a big bowl. Then use a cheese grater to grate the cold butter into the bowl. Don’t touch it! If you use a spatula to scoop under the butter, through the flour and up, it will coat the shreds of butter with flour and stop them from sticking to each other. Gently, gently, gently.

    Once the butter shreds are coated, lightly pick up a ball of mix in your hands, and rub the two hemispheres against each other to combine the butter and flour, aka “rubbing in.” You really don’t need to rub a lot – remember, you’re going to knead this, then roll it and that will finish the mixing for you. Even then, you want tiny flecks of butter in the dough – the butter will melt into the crust in the oven and and the spaces they leave behind = flakiness.

    Then sprinkle 1/3 cup ice water (I go for a 1/2 cup since I’m lazy and don’t want to fuck around with it not combining) over the top, and again lightly scoop under to combine. Only when you’ve distributed the wetness through the dryness as much as you can with the scoop-up can you start squeezing it together into a ball with your hands.

    Cut it in half and roll it out (one stroke, then a 1/8 turn, then another stroke, then another 1/8 turn so that you get an even circle) lay it in your dish, fill, put on the top, etc.

  2. What has come known as the no-fail pie crust in my family. Easy to make and is quite delicious.

    mix together:
    4 cups organic all purpose unbleached white flour
    3 sticks organic butter
    1 rounded Tblsp organic sugar or sucanant
    2 tsps salt

    in another bowl beat:
    1 Tblsp organic cider vinegar
    1 egg
    1/2 cup water

    Add the vinegar mixture to the flour mixture and mix to form into a ball. The kitchen I currently have doesn’t have a kitchen aid and I’ve made some super pumpkin pies from this recipe.

    chill for at least 15 minuets
    makes crust for 2 2 crust pies
    may be refrigerated for 3 days
    freezes well

  3. Long time lurker, first-time poster. I took a pie class with Kate McDermott here in seattle (artofthepie.com) and her recipe is freely available here: http://artofthepie.com/wordpress/crust/flour-salt-fat-and-water/

    there was a vegetarian in the class, so she used all butter instead of half butter half lard, and her crust was fine though a bit less flakey. It’s a simple recipe, but it was delicious.

  4. Um, if I just lend you the KitchenAid mixer, do I get any credit?
    I can’t bake pie because I can’t be bothered to measure ingredients.

  5. You don’t want a mixer, you want a food processor. Trust me. I think J has one of those too….

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