steven alan: fall.

First, something embarrassing & something charming. I got my eyes tested this morning and then wandered around Seattle with the saran-wrap-like “sunglasses” to protect my eyes after dilation. At one cafe when I couldn’t read the menu or see without squinting, a particularly sweet cashier took pity on me and let me wear her sunglasses the whole time. Ah, Seattle, sometimes you still have the charm of a much smaller town. (And sometimes I have too little shame and wander your streets with black saran wrap over my eyes.)

Second, I’m not feeling so hot today, so I’m going to hold off on baking until mid-week. That means you still have time to enter your recipe in the contest. (The odds are great that you’d win, seeing as readers are either shy or nonexistent, and only a few– but very lovely– readers have contributed!)

So until I start posting the recipes and my experience making them, I’m going to focus on fashion, since it doesn’t require that I spend my time in the kitchen or exerting much energy whatsoever. I’m loving Steven Alan’s fall collection. Without further adieu, some favorite pieces… lv, molly






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