and then there was this…

Today The Kitchn posted a recipe for cream cheese pie dough. “Easy is the name of the game here,” they say. “We want pie, after all, not tears of frustration. Cream cheese is our secret weapon. It helps make a crust that holds together and stays tender no matter the amount of manhandling we put it through.”

Have I been wrong all along about butter? Is cream cheese actually the key to a great crust?

Moreover, have I become obsessed with creating pie perfection?

It doesn’t take Ms. Marple to deduce that the answer to that question is a resounding YES.

After next week, pie posts will cease, as I will inevitably be leaving the state fair with a prize in hand. (In my dreams!) Then I will stop forcing everyone around me to try the different crusts. I promise.

lv, molly


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