WOW! … and what shall we tackle next?


First off, readers, I’m loving the passion you’re bringing to the table.

Who knew pie would be such a topic of conversation, and all of your tips and comments have been a joy to read! This past week, I’ve learned more about pie than ever, and I’m definitely a better baker now (and even more obsessed with it) because of you!

I have one last pie dough recipe to test this weekend, using butter AND crisco. I decided to use both because butter provides a wonderful flavor, and crisco provides flakiness. Perhaps the two combined will render an award-winning crust! I’ll post that recipe, photos, and the results on Sunday. And mid-week, I’ll share which reader posted the winning recipe and how I placed at the state-fair. (Also, I’m totally doing it up in style and wearing something old-fashioned. It seems only appropriate.)

In other non-pie-related news, you simply must see The Room. Do you know what it is? See here… It’s ridiculous, and last night I laughed for two hours straight (thanks to pilates, my abs can handle this). Plus, I threw a plastic spoon or five and accidentally hit a man in the head. (Sorry, sir!)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, readers, filled with happiness and sun. Check back on Monday for more pie-related goodness… and then I’ll conquer another dish. Maybe attempt a vegetarian paella? Or a soba dish? Or muffins? Who knows what’s on the horizon.

What dish or baked good do you think I should try to master next?

lv, molly

And some links for weekend entertainment…

This smoothie looks simply delicious. Thanks for the idea, Ana!
A thoughtful editorial.
Would you eat here? If they offered some non-seafood dishes, I’d be there in a minute.
Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan look absolutely stunning. Have you been there?
This photo makes me feel better about how my kitchen looked much of this week.


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