First off, reader named Andy, send me an email at molly.joie@gmail.com. You won! Your help and recipes were wonderful, and I submitted a delicious pie to the state fair thanks to you! (And a special thanks to everyone who offered baking advice. You’re incredible!)

I’ll find out the results on Thursday… so hold tight. Clearly we’re all on the edge of our seats, or so I like to delude myself.

I’ve got a busy week with lesson planning, so this post is short… and it’s about two things: a song I love that reminds me of Washington and West Elm, a store with great housewares for when you’re ready to graduate beyond Ikea. Granted, there’s nothing wrong with Ikea, but sometimes the quality is questionable, and you’re ready for something a little nicer and less, you know, Ikea-ish.

Without further adieu, I leave you with a song by Sera Cahoone, housewares, and the promise that I’ll write tomorrow about pie. Again.

Have you heard of West Elm? Where do you like to get things for your home, apartment, hut, etc.?

lv, molly

Shredded Circles Pillow Cover

Sketch Duvet Cover, Twin, Edgewater Blue

Aegean-Printed Cotton Mat

Petra Table Lamp

Trellis Shower Curtain


2 thoughts on “randomness!

  1. And I think if I’m not mistaken there’s a West Elm coming to downtown Seattle…near the Whole Foods!

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