fast meals! help!


Things are awesome! And busy! And lame cooking has been happening as a result of sudden business: frozen Kashi pizza, salad, yogurt in the morning, pasta. Nothing worth writing home about, and certainly nothing worth posting.

However, that doesn’t mean I’m not going to cook this weekend and try to cook more in the coming weeks. I love (lurve, loff, and so on) cooking and baking, and I just can’t stay away for too long.

And that’s where you come in. What are your favorite weeknight or quick meals? Recipes & links will be well-appreciated. And I’ll scratch your back too (ew, that saying’s kind of gross) and post all the recipes and pictures of those that I make, so you’ll increase your repetoire of quick meals. Sound good? I think so too.

Let the quick meals forum begin!

lv, molly


12 thoughts on “fast meals! help!

    • I’ve always been really curious about using cashews to make a cheesy-ish sauce. Thanks for the tip. I’ll give this a whirl!

  1. Home made pizza. I make the dough ahead of time, pre-cook it a bit and store it in the freezer-instant (yummy!) home made pizza in about the time it take to rip open a store bought frozen pizza.

    Looking forward to see what delish things you cook!

    • Brilliant! What a smart idea. :) What’s your favorite dough recipe? Do you by chance have a whole grain one?

      • I use an olive oil recipe that is so easy even “I” can’t screw it up (which is saying a lot! I am definitely NOT a baker despite my best efforts). My next batch I will be swapping in half whole wheat flour to see if it works-the true test is if my 6 year old will eat it-I think she is a super taster- woe is me!

        • That sounds awesome– I like a good simple recipe for weeknights. Any chance you can send it my way?
          It’d be much appreciated!!
          And good luck with the whole wheat flour and your 6 year old! With all the toppings, who knows if she’ll taste it!

  2. Here’s a noodle dish I just whipped up:
    – cook some soba or instant noodles (like any ramen, but don’t add the salty-msg flavour pack)
    – meanwhile, stir-fry onions, celery, and shredded cabbage in a wok. add tofu bits (I got some pre-seasoned miso-flavoured tofu from my farmer’s market) or two beaten eggs and cook until cooked (haha, I will never be a recipe writer)
    – drain noodles, dump them back into the pot, and pour on some soy sauce, toasted sesame oil, chili flakes and whatnot.. a bit of minced garlic would have been nice.
    – stir noodles around until seasoned, then dump them into the wok. top with some sesame seeds, chopped green onions…

    Since I’m horrible at cooking for one, that is, getting the portions right, I dish up one bowl and one tupperware. convenient!

    • forgot to mention.. this whole setup would work great as a soup, too. Cook the noodles in broth, don’t drain, and dump the whole works into the wok full of delicious cooked veggies. voilĂ ! Extra nice with a fried egg and some sriracha on top…

    • Hey, I like recipes like this. :) Totally intuitive, delicious, easy to make. I’m into it.

      I’ll definitely try this out, and I’ll probably use buckwheat soba. Yum!! Thanks, Elena!

  3. The key to fast meals is to have a lot of prep work done beforehand. Mise en place, if you want to use fancy french talk like the name of your blog. (I don’t know french, but the french have all the best phrases. Like Mise en abyme. and my favorite favorite, L’esprit de l’escalier)

    For example, chop up a bunch of vegetables (cabbage, carrots, onions, bell peppers, potatoes, etc), caramelize onions, cut your meats/tofu into bite sized pieces, press and fry up some of your tofu if you’d like to give it that yellow fried skin, and put them into food pans/tupperware. I say this with such authority, but I usually fail to do this cos i’m lazy.But when i do, it is awesome. Then you can make stuff so fast. Usually I think asian food is the fastest. Like Thai food. Thai curry is beautifully simple; just go to Uwajimaya and stock up on some curry paste and coconut milk (mae ploy brand is best). And you just put some oil in a pan, fry some curry paste in it first, then you add one can of coconut milk, and let it grow to a simmer, and start putting in all the veggies/ingredients you want in the order of how long it takes to get done, so potatoes first, then maybe tofu/proteins, onions, carrots, etc. Add some salt and brown sugar (or palm sugar if you want to be authentic), and voila. all done. Serve over rice. Sometimes we make it in the giant 13-quart Le Creuset, and you can feed 8. And still have leftovers for awhile.

    And have you seen chez pim’s pad thai/pad see ew recipes (, Fast and delicious.

    Stir fries, too, are easy. As is most dry pasta dishes. Just get the relevant prep work done. You can change it up pretty easily if you prep a lot of stuff.

    OR: like people do with me, go to the home of a friend who likes to cook, and eat their food for free. But I suspect you’re that friend…

    • Haha. I should probably just start mooching more.

      Those are awesome ideas, and the recipes from chez pim look super easy and good. I always think of Thai food as a little laborious to make, but these actually look pretty simple. Thanks!!!

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