I’ve been busy trying to be a good teacher, decorating a pathetic but adorable Christmas tree, cooking lame-ish meals, trying not to look like a zombie (I’m that pale in winter… oh hell, all the time), watching a series of Muppet films, and so on.

It’s 1.5 weeks until winter break, at which point I will:

a. watch more Muppets movies, probably more than once

b. create homemade gifts for people

c. exercise more than the cursory run/walk/jog thing I’ve been doing

d. go to Michael’s and buy stuff for snow globes

In the meantime here are some things I’ve found that you might like too!

Paperless post— like evite but… design-y

A map of all of the staircases in Seattle— complete with photos!

This Portland shop— good for gifts!

See you soon, I swear! lv, molly


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