holiday spirit.


I tend to go a little overboard with the holidays. And other things.

The holidays bring me a lot of joy; I love the the scents, the cookies, the happiness, the cocktails, the traditions. So it’s no surprise that I’ve already wrapped the presents, baked cookies, and cycled through my holiday music collection at least once. Here’s a sampling of some of my favorite holiday related things.

lv, molly

Flurries Fair Isle Mittens

no. 1: mittens (I got these from Madewell for my little brother's girlfriend!)

no. 1: keeping warm (with a fake fur hooded coat)

no. 3: pretty party up-dos (click the photo to get to the tutorial!)

no. 4: sparkling cider- my grandpa used to serve me this in a champagne flute when I was too young to drink

no. 5: obligatory holiday mixtapes (click the photo!)


no. 6: cheese plates at parties (I won't lie-- I skip the fancy cheeses and go straight for the sharp cheddar!)

Santa Gift Tags

no. 7: santa gift tags by Rifle Paper Co.


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