holiday up-do!

I don’t “do” my hair.

Rather, I haven’t for years because it’s always been short. Always. I don’t recall ever having hair past my shoulders, but I’ve been inspired as of late to let it grow. A desire to save money (no more expensive haircuts!) and a boyfriend who thinks longer hair would look nice were the sole inspirational factors.

Now that I have “long” hair, I’ve been super excited about doing things with it– twisting it, pinning it, curling it, etc. Doing things that the so-called girly girls do that I’ve never done. That’s where Joanna Goddard’s hair tutorials come in. She posts great, easy to follow directions for various hair styles, and today I tried my first one: three twisted buns. Click the link for directions!

It took a total of 5 minutes, and it’s the fanciest hairdo I’ve worn in years. Exciting! What are your favorite ways to do your hair? I can’t wait ’til mine’s a little longer– so many other things to try!

lv, molly

And one of my favorite holiday songs for good measure… :)


3 thoughts on “holiday up-do!

  1. I think short hair really suits you! I especially liked your cut a few years back, the angled bob with the blunt bangs. So edgy and cool. Not a lot of gals can pull off short hair. Just saying. :)

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