Do you belong to a CSA (community supported agriculture)?

We’re trying it out through an Amazon deal, and I think I’m sold. This beautiful assortment of local, organic fruits and vegetables was on my doorstep when I got home from work.

And now… what to make! Any ideas based on the photo? I’m thinking a stir-fry one night, then who knows! Your ideas welcome. :)

lv, molly


4 thoughts on “CSA.

  1. lovely! i would love to join a CSA. my only concern is that I would waste the food, but that looks like a generous but manageable amount.

    perhaps a soup is in your future??

    • how did i not think of that? soup is the obvious solution, and it freezes well! maybe some pasta with veggies too

  2. When I first joined a CSA, I also bought a second hand juicer. Then if it was the night before delivery day and I had left overs, I did a lot of interesting juices. A CSA through an Amazon deal sounds odd. I hope the money still made it into the local farmer’s pocket without losing a huge slice to the internet giant that is not contributing to your local economy. If you like your CSA, it would be very cool to find a way to go direct to the farmer.

    • That’s a really good point, Tammy. I’m not sure what the exact details of the deal are, but I think you’re spot on. After 2 months, when the deal expires, we’ll definitely look into an all-local option. I live in the capitol hill area- do you have any recommendations?

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