Despite the fact that there are innumerable food blogs with great recipes, I love a good ol’ fashioned cookbook. I like paging through it, dog-earing recipes for the future, watching the book grow more and more colorful with use. The best-loved recipes have stains dotting their pages, oil splashes, little notes regarding measurements. They look loved and well-worn in a way that a website can’t.

I just treated myself to Deborah Madison’s Vegetarian Suppers, and I’m inspired to try so many new dishes (stay tuned!). The narratives for each recipe are warm and inviting; you can tell she loves the recipes, and it’s neatly organized with beautiful photos. And she offers wine pairings for each recipe to boot! (Not that I’d ever follow her suggestions… I’m a $5-bottle-kind-of-lady myself, much to Christian’s chagrin because I usually buy cringe-inducing wine…)

What are your favorite cookbooks? I’d love to know!

lv, molly

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