i love SF!

Christian and I just got back from San Francisco! It was awesome, and I not so secretly want to set up shop in Berkeley. Lots of bookshops, good coffee, near the water– what’s not to love?

Some highlights of our trip include touching a tiny shark at the aquarium (squee!), going to an unexpectedly awesome Czech bar that served soup in bowls with lions on them (this made us feel regal!), quoting lines from The Rock while walking around Alcatraz (which was an otherwise disappointing excursion), and getting threatened by an ex-hippie in a poncho (this was all Christian’s experience).

Have you been to San Francisco? My favorite part was getting lost, wandering the pretty streets, and basking in the sunshine. The whole trip was a wonderful departure from our normal day-to-day lives, and I am happy I got to turn 27 in the company of a wonderful man in a beautiful city!

lv, molly

PS- Want to see some pictures from our trip? Of course you do! Or something. Well, here they are in slideshow form!

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8 thoughts on “i love SF!

  1. San Francisco is my absolute favorite city! Growing up I visited it nearly monthly and was sad to be so far from it moving to Seattle. Luckily, my sister lives there now so it gives me a good excuse to buy a plane ticket on the regular!

  2. I am saving up to head to the States for this new year coming. Beautiful shots- thanks for the further inspiration!

    • Fantastic! Where in the States will you be traveling? San Francisco and Seattle are certainly further away, but they’re both great cities.

      • Just San Fran and then over to NYC I’m afraid. I would had loved to be able to head down to New Orleans to see their rebuilding as I am from a place which is struggling with their rebuilding after a natural disaster too. I would love it if you could suggest great (non-tourist places) for anywhere in CA or NY. I am always on the lookout for local hideaways- especially as a travelling vegetarian- although I am sure my impression of what American’s consume is terribly warped in perception. You don’t all live on tootsie rolls do you? Haha.

        • I used to live in NYC, and obviously that’s a great city too! I recommend Spring Street Cafe– lots of great vegetarian options and very healthy. Also, best pizza in NYC is right under the Brooklyn bridge at a place called Grimaldi’s. Go to Williamsburg in Brooklyn, too, because there are some fun vintage shops. Since those are such major cities, I think you’ll have an easy time finding tasty vegetarian food!

  3. I am doing my best to resist saying something about Christian being a “wonderful man.” Kidding! It looks like you had a wonderful time! Great pictures!

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