happy almost weekend!

This song brings me a lot of joy. I’m feeling under the weather, and it when it came on, it still managed to put a smile on my face and a spring in my step.

As some of you know, I studied at Trinity College in Dublin and then moved there after college for a job. My grandparents were also Irish, which is probably why I love fiddles and have dark hair, bright blue eyes, and freckles in the summer. As such, I’ve got quite an affinity for Irish culture and food, and I’ll post some of my favorite recipes for St. Patrick’s Day.

Check back tomorrow for lots o’ Irish recipes and festivities. In the mean time, enjoy this happy song.

lv, molly


2 thoughts on “happy almost weekend!

  1. Love this! One of my best friends studied in Dublin while I was studying in Florence. I went up there for my birthday that year (which is two days before St. Patrick’s day). Every year at this time I start waxing nostalgic about my Irish b-day/St. Paddy’s experience!

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