pretty one-of-a-kind dresses.

Alice in Wonderland III

…for under 100 dollars.

Couldn’t help but share these lovely garments! I can’t wait to wear mine (the pretty little number above!).

lv, molly


Floral Bouquet III

Block Party Till Dawn


i got my hair did!

Now that my hair is medium-length, I’m so excited for fancy ‘dos!

Exhibit A: the milk maid braid. Not perfect, mind you, as my hair’s not long enough. But exciting (!), off my face (!), and, dare I say, fancy?

Want the how to? Click here for great instructions.

my new kicks!

The sole purpose of this post (cheapest pun I’ve made in … hours) is to convey my giddiness about these boots. They are gorgeous, supple (can I use that word when describing boots?), comfortable, and I’m hoping they’ll last me for years to come. I’ve convinced myself that they’re the most brilliant purchase of my life, save for my furniture.

lv, molly

have you pinned?

Someone described Pinterest as fantasy football for girls, and I think that’s spot on (not that all guys like football or all girls like fashion, blah blah blah). It’s like choosing all the best ideas from the internet and categorizing them on a nice-looking cork board. Only it’s fun, not laborious, and you can discover beautiful, whimsical things by seeing other people’s pinboards.

I’ve found so many more recipes that I’d like to try and some cute looks I think I can pull off (green jeans?). My pinboard is here, and I can’t wait to see some of the things you guys are posting too!

lv, molly

holiday up-do!

I don’t “do” my hair.

Rather, I haven’t for years because it’s always been short. Always. I don’t recall ever having hair past my shoulders, but I’ve been inspired as of late to let it grow. A desire to save money (no more expensive haircuts!) and a boyfriend who thinks longer hair would look nice were the sole inspirational factors.

Now that I have “long” hair, I’ve been super excited about doing things with it– twisting it, pinning it, curling it, etc. Doing things that the so-called girly girls do that I’ve never done. That’s where Joanna Goddard’s hair tutorials come in. She posts great, easy to follow directions for various hair styles, and today I tried my first one: three twisted buns. Click the link for directions!

It took a total of 5 minutes, and it’s the fanciest hairdo I’ve worn in years. Exciting! What are your favorite ways to do your hair? I can’t wait ’til mine’s a little longer– so many other things to try!

lv, molly

And one of my favorite holiday songs for good measure… :)

hey, what time is it?

Tobacco Washed Gold Square Case Triple Wrap

Time to get a watch! [Insert embarrassing silence.]

I still tell that horrible joke.

Point is, these watches are pretty rad (and I couldn’t figure out a more clever way to start this post). Not too formal, not too young-looking. Just cool. And I think it may be time for me to get one. The fact that they’re less than $100 doesn’t hurt.

Do you wear a watch? Or does it seem redundant now that most people carry cell phones?

lv, molly

Teal Washed Leather Rio Gold Multi Chain Wrap


lands end, is that you?

First things first. I got a job (!!!!!!!), and I’m over the moon. I love teaching and can’t wait to meet my students.

That means I need some more teacher-appropriate clothing that’s affordable. Christian (a fashion plate in his own right) suggested I check out Lands End because they’ve changed their aesthetic (he didn’t use that word), and now it’s similar to J.Crew but way, way more affordable. And he was right! Hurrah!

Aren’t these things cute for young professional ladies (minus the jeans, of course)? And they’re far cheaper than Loft, The Gap, and J.Crew.

Where do you shop for work clothes? lv, molly

P.S. These coupon codes work for Lands End Canvas…
P.P.S. I am not going to start popping my collars. Don’t worry.

opening ceremony’s ‘resort collection.’

(I’ve never understood why this is a common collection title name; I suppose people who can afford the clothes regularly go to resorts.) This collection features an actual dead animal wrapped around a sweater. It’s hideous, morally-questionable, and frankly, pretty disgusting.

The rest of the collection, however, is really fun. (Can I move on to fun after discussing a whole dead rabbit attached to a sweater? I’m going to try to suspend my disbelief.) Lucky for us, we will never confront the morality of purchasing anything from this collection because its price tags are far too high for almost all 20/30-somethings. I suppose that’s, once again, the benefit of second hand shops– one can usually find some unique, pretty pieces for less $$$$ and less guilt. Plus, I think I’m inspired to make a red head band. And it may very well turn out to be extremely man-repellant. lv, molly

Pictures via Refinery 29