Because this page was getting a little over-run with embedded files, I’m going to embed one of my favorite songs each month and keep a record below of some favorite jams. Happy listening!

she laughed & danced through the field of graves / there i knew we’d be all right

my favorite video as of late… you’ll see why.

I’m walking through the city / like a drunk, but not / with my slip showing a little

I saw her play a show in Dublin and then buying apples at the Union Square market. She’s too adorable, and her music is sweet & pretty & smart.

smooth jam.

my most recent guilty pleasure… guilty because I think the singer is a little sexy, while the music is just okay.

i laughed at the irony / but life is stupid; the irony all lost on me / it got lost on me

a tribute to cy coleman. this is beaaaautiful.

i won’t break into your heart & try to flee the scene… / i wrote all the right things for you / but they were not convincing

some guys have all the luck

my mind, my faith found / a little bit of melancholy never really did hurt anybody / even if it is a sickness, i’m oddly convinced at least it’s honest

if i was a flower going wild and free, all i’d want is you to be my sweet honey bee

i drove to new york / in a van with my friend / i was in love with the place / in my mind, in my mind / i made a lot of mistakes

i retraced your steps through the city of romance lazily / i took to the desert with your harshest words and they saved me

Brooklyn in the kitchen / heat up the stovetop

you’re good lookin’ / my and you can sing

i’d like to celebrate you, dear

make it good to me,” sharon jones & the dap-kings

you’ll learn soon enough / the prettiest whistles won’t wrestle the thistles undone

spent a week in a dusty library / waiting for some words to jump at me / we met by a trick of fate / french navy my sailor mate

i told the bartender to pour me a double fast, and light me a smoke so i can sing some jazz.

if you’re a season, you would be in bloom.

this is a good song. you might like to listen to it on repeat.


4 thoughts on “listen

  1. Camera Obscura’s new album is the bomb. Just saw them here. She is too pretty.

  2. i agree. i love her. just got your voicemail from ireland! i was asleep- can’t wait to talk to you soon! xo

  3. I love Camera Obscura, Just got the new album so i’ll have to agree with the previous comments.
    Question: Why do we seem to have so many of the same tastes???

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