pretty one-of-a-kind dresses.

Alice in Wonderland III

…for under 100 dollars.

Couldn’t help but share these lovely garments! I can’t wait to wear mine (the pretty little number above!).

lv, molly


Floral Bouquet III

Block Party Till Dawn


Protected: yes, please! (procrastination version.)

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happy sunday!


Hello! I’m drinking coffee and trying to motivate myself to clean my apartment and go for a run. After a long week, all I want to do is curl up in bed and regain some semblance of sanity. Alas, adulthood calls.

But before I do that, I wanted to share a couple things I’m excited about. lv, molly

One. This outfit. I’ve got to look through my closet and see if I can assemble something similar… It’s adorable.


Two. This rug— it’s going in my kitchen by the stove. Who cares that it’s white and an impractical thing to have as a kitchen rug. It’s my favorite animal… on a bike. Cool.

Fox on a Bike Natural Creme White Rug - Bath Mat or Door Mat

Three. The potential for snow fall. I’ve been closely monitoring Cliff Mass’s weather blog to gauge the possibility for snow, and consequently the rise in my happiness over the next week. Look at this picture; it tells us something about weather, but I don’t know what.

Four. Scrambled eggs with roasted asparagus. It’s one of my favorite things to make for breakfast/ brunch on Sundays..

Five. A delicious salad from a famous Seattle restaurant.

Six. Matching street style to beautiful paintings and vintage prints. Love these color comparisons.

Seven. A confession. I never quite understood America’s love for Taylor Swift until now. I saw her on “Ellen” (have I mentioned that I love Ellen?) and thought she was a charming little lady. And now I can’t stop singing along. I mean, who doesn’t love cheesy but endearing teenage love songs? Okay, probably a lot of you. This one’s great… I mean, I like it ironically? No, I love it, plain and simple.


etsy love.

I found a new shop to add to my list of favorites: Dear Golden Vintage. How cute are the following items? xo, m

vintage lily broach

suede booties

1950s wool & fur coat

men's oxfords

1930s dress


That's my Christmas wreath!

When I write an essay, I set a kitchen timer for 45 minutes. When it goes off, I give myself a 10 minute break and then go back to work. This is a strategy I use with students who suffer from ADHD.

This is what I did during my last break.

I put up my Christmas wreath, and I made my friends into elves and told them to break dance (see below). Now that I’m all up in Christmas’s business, meaning I’m feeling the holiday spirit, I thought I’d share some with you too, all courtesy of my elf friends, some fantastic Etsy-ites, Slade, & Gary Glitter (who else?).
xo, m

PS- I got my wreath from Etsy seller Pretty Swank. She has cute things.

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Vintage blown glass ornaments from Callooh Callay

Bow scarf that will make you look like a present by Homelab

Porcelain tea light holders by Wapa Studios

Hand knit sweater coat by Ovejanegra

Set of holiday cards by Farouche

Boxwood wreath by Two Inspire You

And finally… two of the most ridiculous Christmas songs that are guaranteed to get you in the holiday spirit. My old boss, a dapper Englishman, made me a Christmas CD, and these were on it. I fell in love with them immediately. (Also, I want to be friends with whoever made the first video.)

a cheery home.

Loving these photos of Kristen Stock’s (owner of Deluxa in NYC) home. Etsy shop here. (How great are those vintage shoes & men’s glasses?) xo, m






Photos from Design*Sponge.


Maybe it’s the weather, or maybe I’m just ready to get back to my fall wardrobe. Point is: I love me some boots… cowboy, ankle, heeled, you name it. Here are some great vintage boots from etsy. Most of them are a steal. I’ve noted the sellers’ names in the captions. xo, m

summer dresses.

I’m living vicariously through my fashionable lady friends yet again. Here are some lovely summer dresses all available on (I’ve put the sellers’ names in the captions of each photo). Buy them; flaunt them; let me borrow them?

Sun dress available from mimisgamine.

Sun dress available from mimisgamine.

Dress by sarahseven. This is the one pricey dress I've included. It was too beautiful not to share.

Dress by sarahseven. This is the one pricey dress I've included. It was too beautiful not to share.

Boho dress available from mimisgamine.

Boho dress available from mimisgamine.

Ruffle dress by artlab.

Ruffle dress by artlab.

Cobalt blue tent dress available from leasvintage.

Cobalt blue tent dress available from leasvintage.

Dress by carolhannah.

Dress by carolhannah.

Cotton floral spun dress by sugarvintage.

Cotton floral spun dress by sugarvintage.

Kind of a joke... kind of not. That is all!

Kind of a joke... kind of not. That is all!