Welcome to joie de vivre— my little slice of the internet where I post tasty vegetarian recipes (I was a vegetarian for 5 years and love veggie meals) and dishes that include locally raised fish and chicken, lots of baked goods, my favorite tunes, and random musings on life in Seattle.

Things I am:
– an English teacher
– an avid reader
– a flexitarian (lots of vegetarian meals, some chicken/ fish)
– self-proclaimed fashion plate
– boot and dress-wearing lady
– lover of pilates, Ryan Gosling, and sriracha

Things I am not:
– hip
– a believer that everyone should be vegetarian (eat what works for you!)
– a fan of matching
– knowledgable about any sports
– a lover of seitan (eew)
– a fan of “Glee”

Thanks for stopping by!

I hope this little project of mine brings you at least a smidgeon of joy from time to time.


7 thoughts on “about

  1. :) took a quick look at your blogs & I loved Franny & Zoey too & cookies & vivid dreams & Lady Gaga & I’m a sort of vegetarian / or at least I try to be. :)

  2. stumbled upon this while doing a google search, am vegetarian also and may be moving to the pacific northwest….so I was intrigued….

    • Thanks for stopping by, Jennifer! The PNW is my favorite part of the country. If you end up moving, welcome!!

  3. You are awesome! If you need/want any Seattle teacher friends, please let me know (as I am one, and need/want same). You should stop by Nordstrom and see the new Kate Spade typewriter bag, which I covet but will never be able to afford ($475!):


    Also, you may be interested/horrified to know that Kate Spade apparently doesn’t have enough to do, what with her handbag empire, but publish a collection of short stories (with a kind of awesomely long, david foster wallace-esque title:


    Also, you should know about the online-only Lonny UK mag:


    Also (in the interest of full disclosure), I’m friends with Shawn. ;) I can vouch for his amazingness. Just saying.

    • Thank you for the kind words + fabulous links! I loved your post about motivation. I recently watched an amazing TED video that suggested similar flaws with our carrot-stick approach to motivation.

      P.S. I, too, am jonesing for that typewriter bag. It’s amazing. But $475? Why, Kate, why?!

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    blogging platform available right now. (from what I’ve read) Is that what you’re using on your

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